DONORS AND DEVELOPING COUNTRIES AGREE TO REFORM AID, High Level Forum assesses the effectiveness of development assistance.

Developed and developing countries today agreed to take bold steps to reform the way aid is given and spent. After three days of intense negotiations, they endorsed the Accra Agenda for Action. Developing countries are committing to take control of their own futures, donors to co-ordinating better amongst themselves, and both parties to the Agenda are pledging to account to each other and their citizens.

Key points agreed in the Accra Agenda for Action include:
Predictability – donors will provide 3-5 year forward information on their planned aid
to partner countries.
Country systems – partner country systems will be used to deliver aid as the first
option, rather than donor systems.
Conditionality – donors will switch from reliance on prescriptive conditions about
how and when aid money is spent to conditions based on the developing country’s
own development objectives.
Untying – donors will relax restrictions that prevent developing countries from
buying the goods and services they need from whomever and wherever they can get
the best quality at the lowest price.

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